Luxury Mattress Brands in 2016: Compare the Best Beds

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Luxury mattress brands offer promises of incredible sleep and long-lasting comfort, but as in most industries, not every company stands up to the test of consumer expectations.

When spending a good amount of money on a bed, people expect the best. Your bed is where you spend over one-third of each day after all — likely more time than your car, sofa or any other place — so it should be comfortable.

Luxury mattress brands aim to target high end buyers and those seeking a better night’s rest.  An investment in a good bed is often seen as investment in good sleep, and since rest affects mood, weight, motivation and overall health, it can definitely be a wise one.

In this guide, we’ll be comparing the best and worst luxury mattresses in one place, so you can get a head start on researching your next bed and finding your ideal match.

An Introduction to High-End Mattresses

So, what sets high-end mattresses apart from the rest of market? One of the key differentiators is, of course, the price tag. The price of a bed can range anywhere from $100 to $20,000 or more, although the average price people pay tends to be around $1000 to $1500.

Luxury and high end mattresses encompass the upper end of the price spectrum, and can be found in all categories including memory foam, latex and innersprings. 

Companies aim to justify their higher-than-average costs by offering prestige, using higher-quality materials, unique designs and manufacturing techniques, and often natural materials. Many of the top luxury mattress brands in 2016 are focusing on natural and organic materials in particular.

You may find better than average customer service as well, in terms of sales amenities, warranty and return policies.

However, it’s important to remember that attractive advertisements or fancy words don’t always justify an inflated price tag. Some of the top lifestyle brands have beds that, on the inside, are actually quite similar to their average-priced counterparts. Consumer Reports’ research has also found that expensive mattresses don’t necessarily translate to better quality.

When shopping for the best mattress money can buy, you want to look deeper and compare what’s inside the mattress, how the company supports their brand, and what real owners think of their purchase.

Luxury Mattress Brands Compared

BrandMattressesPrice RangeWarranty /
Owner Reviews
AstrabedsOrganic Latex
with organic cotton and wool
$1799 - $299925 (10) years
90 days
4.6 / 5 stars
98% recommend
DuxianaInnersprings with cotton and latex tops$4800 - $12,000+20 (5) years
74% satisfaction
E.S. KluftInnersprings with latex, wool, cotton, horsehair, or memory foam$1600 - $30,000+20 (10) years
75% satisfaction
HastensInnersprings with cotton, horsehair, wool$4300 - $50,000+25 years
74% satisfaction
MagniflexMemory foam, gel foams, poly foams, fiber, wool, horsehair$1599 - $40,00010-20 years
Royal PedicInnersprings & Latex with cotton and wool$3000 - $900010 years
14 days
Savvy RestNatural and Organic Latex
with organic cotton and wool
$1799 - $479920 (10) years
4.7 / 5 stars
95% recommend
Stearns & FosterInnersprings & Hybrids with foam, latex, memory foam$1499 - $329910 years
59% satisfaction
Vi SpringInnersprings with wool, horsehair, cotton$3095 - $23,000+Lifetime

*The 2016 mattress review sources above are provided in parentheses. SLTD is abbreviated for 

The Top Rated Mattresses of 2016

As you can see, a majority of companies marketed as luxury mattress brands are innersprings, with a couple memory foam and latex purveyors. Many of these luxury mattress brands focus on using natural and sometimes even organic materials rather than synthetics.

Determining which high end bed brand rates best isn’t always easy however. Most of these companies do not allow owners to leave reviews on their websites, and it can be challenging to find unbiased or legitimate third-party bed ratings since these types of products have a more a limited audience compared to “mass market” brands.

By Reviews

Astrabeds and Savvy Rest allow visitors to leave reviews (with Astrabeds having a third-party verified system). Among these brands, more consumers recommend Astrabeds organic latex mattresses.

A few of the other luxury mattress brands have been assessed by Sleep Like The Dead, a third-party comparison website. They assign average consumer satisfaction scores in the mid-70s to Duxiana, Kluft and Hastens. This rate is well above the average for innersprings in general (63%), but still lower than other categories’ averages — memory foam and latex both tend to earn around 80%. 

By Guarantees

If you’re trying to find the best luxury mattress brand, another important area to consider are guarantees. When spending thousands on a new bed, you probably don’t want to be stuck with a dud. Brands that offer return policies help mitigate your risk.

Unfortunately, many pricey mattresses do not come with official return policies, including Duxiana, Kluft, Hastens, Magniflex, Savvy Rest, and Vi Spring. Some people report that individual retailers may offer brief trial periods for some brands.

Brands that do offer returns include Astrabeds (90 days) and Royal Pedic (14 days).

Warranties are also important for luxury beds since people expect them to outlast the average mattress, (which is around 8-10 years).

Brands offering 10 year warranties include Royal Pedic. Brands offering 20 years include Duxiana, Kluft, Magniflex and Savvy Rest, with varying lengths of full versus prorated coverage. Hastens and Astrabeds both offer longer 25 year warranties, and Vi Spring offers the only lifetime guarantee.

The longer a mattress lasts, the more eco-friendly as well since that means less waste. Some luxury mattress brands also offer owners the unique ability to replace certain components of the bed individually, which can significantly extend its useful life. For example, Astrabeds and Savvy Rest allow for replacing the individual latex layers, Hastens sells the toppers individually, and Duxiana beds have replaceable coil units and tops.

What is the Best Mattress on the Market?

So how do you know which luxury mattress brand is the best one for you? Based on reviews, guarantees, and overall value (quality versus price), here are a few standout luxury mattresses to consider

Best Luxury Innerspring Beds

    • Duxiana DUX 515 Bed ($7595) – 3200+ of continuous springs with removable 2.5 inch latex/cotton top, customizable and replaceable spring units. 20 year warranty. Made in Sweden.
    • VI Spring Coronet Mattress ($4695) – 1600+ pocket coils with coir fiber and layered cotton/wool top. Customizable firmness. Lifetime guarantee. Made in the UK.
  • Royal Pedic Quilt Top Mattress Set ($6420) – 704 open offset coils with cotton and polyester batting, wool, latex and cotton fabric cover. Firm, not customizable. 10 year warranty. Made in the US.

Best Luxury Non-Spring Beds

    • Astrabeds Solace Bed ($2999) – 12 inches of organic latex, 1 inch organic wool, organic cotton cover. Highly customizable, generous return period, 20 year warranty. Certified VOC-free. 100% of owners recommend it in reviews. Made in the US.
    • Magniflex Magnifico Dual 12 ($3699) – 12 inches with memory foam, fiber, and foam, Outlast cover, viscose fire barrier. Medium or soft, returns depend on retailer, 12 year warranty. Oeko certification for emissions. Made in Italy.

Best Options for Couples

The below brands allow you to choose different firmness levels on each side of the bed for at least some models, which may be helpful to know for couples who have differing preferences.

    • Kluft
    • Astrabeds
    • Magniflex
    • Savvy Rest
    • Duxiana
  • Vi Spring

Best Options for Organic Shoppers

When shopping for organic mattresses, be sure to look at each material in the mattress. Some brands will call a mattress organic but only certain components may be certified.

    • Astrabeds (Full Line) – Certified organic latex, organic wool padding, and organic cotton covers with Eco Institut VOC free certification.
    • Savvy Rest (Dunlop Models) – Certified organic latex option (choose Dunlop), organic wool padding, and organic cotton covers with Eco Institut VOC free certification.
  • Royal Pedic (Organic Models) – Organic cotton covers with organic wool or cotton padding over springs or natural latex cores (not organic).

Finding your dream mattress will, in many ways, come down to personal preference. No single mattress will prove ideal for every type of sleeper.

Some people prefer the feel of springs, others prefer latex or memory foam. Side sleepers may want something plush, while back sleepers might want firm. Some have strong inclinations to buy organic, others find this unimportant.

Start your search by looking at what you like and dislike about your current bed, make notes about the variety of beds you test, and compare your pros and cons with your partner’s. Set a budget, and see which companies offer your “must haves”. Looking up reviews can also very helpful, since you can see what people think about the range of luxury mattress brands out there.


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