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Black Friday is one of the best times for customers to score savings on mattresses and bedding products. If you’ve been considering upgrading your mattress, now is the time. However, with the number of deals being offered this Black Friday, it can be difficult to discern which is truly the best.

Enter in the Lavish Rest team. Below we will share our editors’ mattress sale recommendations. We will also discuss the differences between shopping online vs. in-store, where to find the best mattress information, and the types of mattresses worth trying.

Black Friday Mattress Deals
  • Amerisleep AS3 – The Amerisleep AS3 is our recommended mattress to save big on this Black Friday. We like the AS3 because it offers an even balance of comfort and support, so it’s comfortable for most sleepers. Plus, it’s discounted $200 and comes with two free pillows this Black Friday.

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  • Zoma Mattress – If you’re looking for a budget-friendly memory foam mattress, look no further than Zoma. Zoma is designed to help athletes sleep deeper, recover faster, and wake up feeling more refreshed— so it’s equipped with everything you need for better sleep. Even better? It’s $150 off this Black Friday.

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Best Black Friday Mattress Sales

Amerisleep AS3

amerisleep as3Our recommended mattress to score big on this Black Friday is Amerisleep’s AS3. Amerisleep sells five mattresses, and their AS3 is designed to be medium in firmness and comfortable for the majority of sleepers. Offering a good balance of comfort and support, the AS3 is one of the best mattresses for side sleepers and back pain relief.

Amerisleep uses state-of-the-art mattress materials to build their beds. Each of their mattresses features a Celliant® cover designed to facilitate more restful sleep. Celliant’s® textile-technology has been FDA-determined to help you get better sleep by recycling your body heat to infrared energy. Your body absorbs infrared energy, resulting in an increase in local blood flow. An increase in local blood flow keeps your temperature regulated and prevents you from waking up overheated.

Amerisleep’s AS3 contains three layers: 3 inches of Bio-Pur®, 2 inches of Affinity with HIVE®, and 7 inches of Bio-Core®.

Bio-Pur® is a plant-based memory foam designed with an advanced open-cell structure, allowing for more responsiveness and breathability. The Bio-Pur® layer conforms to you, relieving pressure points while keeping your body temperature balanced for night-long comfort.

Next is the Affinity layer with HIVE® technology to offer zoned support. HIVE® offers dynamic support to promote proper spinal alignment while preventing pressure points. Under your midsection, head, and feet, HIVE® is firmer to maintain a healthy posture while allowing for deeper compression under your shoulders and hips. HIVE’s® design makes the AS3 ideal for side sleeping.

The third and final layer of the AS3 is 7 inches of Bio-Core® to reinforce the layers above and prevent wear and tear.

All Amerisleep mattresses come with a 20-year warranty with a 100-night sleep trial. Plus, this Black Friday they’re offering $200 off each mattress and 2 free pillows with every mattress purchase.

Zoma Mattress

The Zoma is a memory foam mattress built to help you sleep deeper, recover faster, and wake up feeling more rejuvenated. Originally marketed for athletes, the Zoma is a great mattress for anybody who experiences frequent aches and pains. All in all, the Zoma contains three sleep-promoting layers. Let’s talk about its construction.

The Zoma is medium firmness and recommended for side and back sleepers. It contains 2 inches of gel-infused memory foam with Triangulex™ technology, 2 inches of Reactiv™, and 7 inches of Support+.

When you lay on Zoma, the top layer of memory foam contours to your body for instant comfort while the gel within wicks away body heat to prevent night sweats. The Reactiv™ below is a latex-like poly-foam, so it gives the bed a bit of bounce and prevents you from ever feeling “stuck” in the mattress.

The third layer of Zoma is Support+, a durable poly-foam to reinforce the layers above and prevent sagging.

Zoma is an online-only mattress brand, so they offer a 100-night sleep trial with every mattress so you can buy online and try in-home. Plus, Zoma offers a 10-year warranty with each mattress.

Amerisleep AS5

If you’re looking for a softer mattress, choose Amerisleep’s AS5. Amerisleep offers two softer mattresses, the AS4 and the AS5, but we like the AS5 because it contains a layer of Active Flex that makes this mattress suitable to support sleepers over 250 pounds. While some plus-size sleepers struggle to find a soft, but supportive mattress, the AS5 is designed to be just that.

Amerisleep’s AS5 is their tallest mattress and contains three layers: 3 inches of Bio-Pur®, 2 inches of Active Flex, 2 inches of Affinity with HIVE®, and 7 inches of Bio-Core®.

When you lay on this mattress, the comfort layer of memory foam contours to your body for immediate cushioning and pressure relief. The Active Flex layer below is a latex-like poly-foam, so it gives the bed a bit of bounce and offers the responsiveness necessary to support sleepers over 250 pounds.

Below the top two layers lies the Affinity with HIVE® layer. HIVE® relieves pressure and maintains healthy alignment, preventing you from sinking uncomfortably far in the bed.

We recommend Amerisleep’s AS5 to side and back sleepers but suggest stomach sleepers choose a firmer mattress for the best support.

Complete Black Friday Mattress Sales

Amerisleep AS4

If you’re looking for a cloud-like mattress, consider the AS4— Amerisleep’s medium-soft mattress. Featuring 4 inches of pressure-relieving Bio-Pur®, the AS4 allows for superior cushioning comfort. Though this bed is quite soft, it’s still equipped with HIVE® technology to nurture a healthy spine and prevent you from sinking uncomfortably far in the bed.

The AS4 contains 4 inches of Bio-Pur®, 1 inch of Affinity with HIVE®, and 7 inches of Bio-Core®. It’s a comfortable mattress for back and side sleepers but is far too soft for stomach sleepers.

Remember, Amerisleep offers a 100-night sleep trial with each mattress, allowing you to buy online and try in the comfort of your home. If your bed isn’t a fit, you have the opportunity to return it for a full refund or exchange for a different model.

Amerisleep AS2

Amerisleep’s AS2 is their medium-firm model and has been regarded by Business Insider as the best mattress for back pain. We like the AS2 for those with back pain, too, but recommend side sleepers with back pain opt for the AS3, as this model may feel just a tad too firm.

The AS2 is 12 inches tall and contains 2 inches of Bio-Pur®, 3 inches of Affinity with HIVE®, and 7 inches of Bio-Core®.

When you lay on the Amerisleep AS2, the top layer of Bio-Pur® allows for some cushioning comfort and pressure relief. However, most of the pain relief results from the thicker layer of HIVE® below. HIVE® keeps you lifted on top of the mattress, maintains spinal alignment, and alleviates pain.

Find the Best Black Friday Mattress Sale

cyber monday mattress deals

Tip 1: Go for online brands

Online mattress shopping may seem counterintuitive at first. You may be thinking: Isn’t trying a mattress in person essential to buying one?

Luckily, this isn’t exactly true, but we don’t want to get ahead of ourselves. The main reasons we encourage online brand shopping are simple: they offer affordable prices, superior quality, and lengthy sleep trials.

In-Store Brands Charge High Markups

New mattress buyers may be skeptical of buying mattresses from online brands. They often have less name recognition, not to mention the inability to ask a salesperson questions.

Also, let’s not forget the “incredible” deals retailers offer. Consider, for example, a retailer like Macy’s offering $500 off a $2,500 mattress this Black Friday. That’s a 20% discount!

But let’s take a step back. Why is the retailer charging $2,500? The answer is simple: markups.

It all comes down to their business model, which includes accounting for overhead and profit. Most retailers are middlemen between the manufacturer and consumer. If retailers charged customers only what they paid, they’d lose money.

Retailers have commissions to pay out and bills to keep up on (e.g., electricity, water), costs referred to as overhead. Of course, retailers also need to make a profit. If they only charged the cost of the mattress and overhead, they’d merely break even.

Online companies want to make money, too. However, they naturally have less overhead and do not have to worry about paying out commissions to salespeople.

But yes, Black Friday is unique. Retailers will sometimes go all-out on promoting mattresses at incredibly low prices. These “$199 Black Friday deals” seem almost too good to pass up. That’s because they are.

Retailers put their “promotional” mattresses on the front page of the ad to get people into the store. Promotional mattresses tend to be low-quality and aren’t really what customers are looking for. Once they’re in the store, salespeople can pivot customers into buying a more expensive product.

Tip 2: Be Ready to Quiz the Salesperson

If you walk into a showroom or store, it won’t take long before a friendly salesperson approaches to ask about your mattress needs. After all, they want to help you find the perfect mattress, right?

Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. It is true that salespeople are there to make sales. It doesn’t necessarily follow that they know the most about the product or how the product will work for you. They could overstate the quality of a mattress that’s rated average or below average by third-party review sites. They may give answers to your questions without really knowing the answer.

This is unfair to customers for a couple of reasons. First, you really can’t judge a mattress just by laying on it for a few minutes in a showroom. Second, there’s a knowledge gap between the salesperson—the mattress experts—and you.

We can’t change the ways of today’s mattress salespeople. However, we can help you close the knowledge gap so you can shop this Black Friday with confidence.

Tip 3: Start Your Black Friday Mattress Sale Search Early

When researching Black Friday deals, keep the following questions in mind:

    • What are the terms of the sale, such as start/end dates and location restrictions on in-store deals?
    • What are return policies like, such as minimum nights of use and return fees?
    • What are the terms of the mattress warranty, such as the number of years and the conditions required to trigger the guarantee?
  • Does the Black Friday price include delivery?

Don’t Forget the Cyber Monday Mattress Sale

Of course, you’re likely doing more than mattress shopping this Black Friday. So, don’t forget that Black Friday deals can last all Thanksgiving weekend. We also have Cyber Monday dedicated to passing on deals to customers.

So, when doing your Black Friday mattress research, don’t forget to check out Cyber Monday deals, too. If you find a deal that’s lasting through Monday or later make a note. This can free up your time to focus on more urgent sales.

Memory Foam vs. Innerspring and Hybrid Mattresses. Which is Better?

First, let’s cover an important point. Innerspring mattresses, first introduced in the 1950s, remain a popular choice among American consumers.

However, innerspring mattresses have many drawbacks, including:

Shorter Lifespans

Innerspring mattresses have a considerably lower lifespan compared to memory foam mattresses. According to Sleep Like The Dead, about 25% of innerspring mattress owners report significant sagging—to the extent that it affects comfort and support—within three years. Memory foam mattresses, on the other hand, have an average lifespan of seven years. Hybrid mattresses have a similar lifespan to innerspring mattresses, which makes sense as their core layer is usually made of innerspring coils.

Lack of proper hip and waist support

As discussed, innerspring mattresses are prone to “sagging”. Sagging leads to poor waist support and can put stress on the spine and shoulders.

You may be thinking: What if I switch to a firm innerspring mattress? Wouldn’t they be more resistant to sagging? Unfortunately, that’s a common misconception. First, if a mattress is too firm it will lead to pressure points being agitated. Second, the firmness of the mattress is not indicative of its quality. A poorly made firm mattress will break down as quickly as a poorly made soft mattress.

The Result? Low Owner Satisfaction

Due to short lifespans and support issues, owner satisfaction rates for innerspring mattresses are lower than those for memory foam and hybrid mattresses. According to Sleep Like The Dead, innerspring mattresses have an average 64% owner satisfaction rating. On the other hand, memory foam mattresses have an average 80% satisfaction rating while hybrid mattresses have an average of 73%.

Innerspring Mattresses: Why Are They Still Popular?

You might be thinking: If innerspring mattresses have so many issues, why do people still use them? Innerspring mattresses do have a few advantages, including:

    • Affordability: The average queen innerspring mattress costs $950 while the average memory foam mattress costs $1,350.
  • Familiarity: Since innerspring mattresses have been around for over half a century, they’re one of the most familiar mattress types.

Mattress Qualities to Consider

To find a quality memory foam mattress, please consider:

    • Cover Material: Different cover materials have different impacts on sleeping temperature and comfort. Some companies provide a basic cotton-polyester blend cover. Other companies are more innovative with their cover material.
    • Layer Material and Thickness: Different layer materials provide different levels of back, hips, and shoulder support. Layer thickness is also critical. A high-quality material at a very thin level of thickness may not be as beneficial as promised.
  • Memory Foam Type: Different memory foams vary in breathability and response time (how long it takes for a mattress to adjust to pressure changes).

For innerspring mattresses, please consider:

    • Coil Count: Higher coil counts can provide better body support and increase the mattress lifespan.
    • Coil Type: Coil type can affect mattress durability, support, and longevity.
    • Foam Layer Thickness: Foam thickness also plays a role in adding body support.
    • Padding Type: Padding adds another layer of mattress comfort and support.
  • Ticking Fabric: The outer fabric that encloses and maintains the mattress. Ticking also adds to mattress durability and overall feel.

For mattresses of all kinds, please consider:

    • Foam Density: High-density foams, compared to low-density foams, tend to have higher durability.
    • Fire protection method: The United States has federal flammability standards which all mattresses sold in the country are required to adhere.
  • Warranty-required Sagging/Impression Depth: Some mattress warranties only kick-in after the mattress has achieved a certain sagging depth. At Lavish Rest, we are fond of mattress companies who warranty their products if they develop a sag of 3/4″ or more.

Hear What Others Have to Say About Mattresses

As you familiarize yourself with mattress characteristics and brands, you’ll likely see the same mattresses (or brands, at least) come up. What about these brands is being said on review sites and by customers?

In other words, you need to understand the product’s reputation.

Yes, knowing characteristics like memory foam type and warranty information can help you understand mattress quality. However, getting a pulse on mattress reputation can help you understand what owning the mattress will be like.

How can you learn about a mattress’s reputation?

Read and Watch Online Reviews

We’ve all read online customer reviews. Some are quite helpful by going in-depth into the product’s pros and cons. Other reviews, less so, and may only consist of a single line saying, “I hate this product!”

Of course, some reviews are more helpful than others. Always look for a “verified customer” icon or distinction. Some companies will go out of their way and pay for positive reviews. While not all unverified reviews are fake, you should take them with a grain of salt.

As you read customer reviews, try to find similar talking points. If customers aren’t happy, is it because of a particular quality, such as mattress firmness? If customers are satisfied, is it because of a noticeable improvement in sleep quality?

Customer reviews aren’t the only place to learn about mattress reputation. Consumer education sites such as Sleep Like The Dead specialize in helping shoppers understand mattresses through in-depth reviews, guides, and blog posts. Also, look up video reviews. Watch experts review the pros and cons of different mattresses.

The Complete Mattress Sale List

best black friday mattress sale

Now that we’ve covered some essentials Black Friday shopping tips, it’s time to reveal our complete list of 2019 Black Friday mattress deals. We’ve broken out this list into three sections:

    • Online mattress sales.
    • Warehouse and club store mattress sales.
  • Major retailer and showroom sales.

Disclaimer: The Black Friday deals above and below might change as companies change their deals closer to November 23rd. The Lavish Rest team will try to update this guide accordingly. However, we ask you to conduct additional research before making your Black Friday mattress decisions.

Now that we think of it, you can use the Black Friday shopping tips we shared in the first half of this guide!

Online Black Friday Bed Sales

As if we haven’t said it enough, online mattress brands often have great deals on mattresses you may not find in stores. This year’s deals include:


Of course, we have to mention Amerisleep again! This year’s Black Friday deal includes $200 off any mattress purchase and two free pillows when you use the code BF200 upon checkout. Additional Black Friday deals include [up to $900 savings on adjustable beds and mattress sets. Saving depend on model and size].


Serta sells affordable mattress of all types (e.g., innerspring, hybrid, and memory foam). Serta receives consistently high customer reviews, particularly on its iComfort mattress line. The Black Friday deal is [up to $500 in savings on adjustable beds and mattress sets. Free boxspring with an iComfort mattress purchase]

Warehouse and Club Store Mattress Sales


Tends to offer several-hundred-dollar discounts on mattress brands like Contour Rest and Therapedic. The Black Friday deal is [unknown, will update as available]


Offers a mix of online and in-store mattress deals on brands including Blackstone. Please note that some deals are online only, so make sure to check deals before stopping at your nearest location. The Black Friday deal is [unknown, will update as available]

Sam’s Club

Offers discounts on memory foam, innerspring, hybrid mattresses by name brands like Beautyrest and Serta. The Black Friday deal is [unknown, will update as available]

Major Retailer and Showrooms Sales


Macy’s brick-and-mortar stores and carry quality mattress models from brands including Beautyrest and Serta. Offerings span the entire price range, from promotional mattresses starting at $500 or lower to over $1,500. The Black Friday deal is [unknown, will update as available]


Another mattress retailer mainstay, Sears and carry brand-name mattresses including those by Beautyrest and Serta. Similar to Macy’s, Sears’ mattress selection includes everything from promotional and discount mattresses to high-end selection in the $2,000-plus range. The Black Friday deal is [unknown, will update as available]


JCPenney’s mattress selection includes name brands like Beautyrest, Purasleep, and Serta. The Black Friday deal is [unknown, will update as available]

Mattress Firm and Sleepy’s

Both showrooms carry name brands including Beautyrest, Dream Bed, Hampton & Rhodes, and Serta. The Black Friday deal is [unknown, will update as available]


Retail giant Walmart tends to have Black Friday deals on discount and promotional mattress brands like Mainstays. The Black Friday deal is [unknown, will update as available].

Go Find the Best Mattress Sale You Can!

There you have it, a complete list to the best Black Friday mattress sales of 2019. We’ve covered a lot, from tips for finding the best deals to an overview of every Black Friday mattress deal around.

We hope we’ve equipped you with the knowledge you need to make the most out of Black Friday 2019. Now, it’s time for you to go out and get the best mattress, at the best price, for you. If you’d like to do more research, read up on our guide on how to find the best mattress for more tips! Good luck!

With proper research and knowledge, you can confidently answer these questions and claim a new mattress to take you into the New Year and beyond.

1 The FDA has determined that Celliant® products are medical devices as defined in section 201(h) of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act and are general wellness products. Celliant® is determined by the FDA to temporarily promote increased local blood flow at the site of application in healthy individuals. Hologenix, LLC, the maker of Celliant®, states that Celliant® safely converts body heat to infrared energy. This energy penetrates into the muscle and tissue to promote a temporary increase in local blood flow and helps increase comfort and promotes restful sleep.

2 Milne, C. T. APRN, MSN, BC, CWOCN; Saucier, D. APRN, MSN, FNP-BC, CWCN; and Motta, G., BSN, MPH, ET. Evaluation of a Variable Pressure Foaming (VPF) Mattress with Surface Modification Technology (SMT) for Prevention and Treatment of Pressure Ulcers in General Medical-Surgical$200 off any Patients. 43th Annual Conference of the Wound, Ostomy and Continence, June, 2011


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The Best Luxury Mattress May Not be the Most Expensive Mattress Thu, 03 Mar 2016 18:02:28 +0000 The most expensive mattress available is not necessarily the best luxury mattress you can find. It is natural to associate a high price tag with quality or opulence. The problem is, bed companies know this and they use it to their advantage. How do you find a luxury mattress amidst all the chicanery? It depends […]

The post The Best Luxury Mattress May Not be the Most Expensive Mattress appeared first on Lavish Rest.

The most expensive mattress available is not necessarily the best luxury mattress you can find. It is natural to associate a high price tag with quality or opulence. The problem is, bed companies know this and they use it to their advantage.

How do you find a luxury mattress amidst all the chicanery? It depends what exactly it is you are looking for, but there are some real touchstones of luxury you should be aware of and some pitfalls to keep an eye out for. If you do it right, you will have lavish rest at a price you can brag about. 

The Best Luxury Mattress

luxury mattress

The SolaceBed from Astrabeds is our pick for best luxury mattress.

Astrabeds makes high-end mattresses from certified organic materials at a fraction of the price of other luxury brands. The SolaceBed is their most lavish model, with 4 layers of organic dunlop latex inside. Atop the latex is an organic wool fire barrier, free from toxic chemicals. The cover is made from organic cotton. This posh bed is as healthy for people as it is for the environment and it received an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars from verified customers. You would be hard-pressed to find another mattress as nice as this for the money. 

Luxury Mattress Brands

Owner satisfaction data from and verified customer reviews.

    • Astrabeds – organic latex, available at
    • SavvyRest – latex, available a
    • Duxiana – innerspring, available at
    • Kluft – innerspring, available at
    • Hästens – innerspring, available at

Why the Most Expensive Mattresses Cost so Much

There are some good reasons for a bed to be expensive. Luxury materials tend to be pricey. Organic wool, Celliant-infused fabric, and organic latex are some amazing materials that command a higher price. However, some beds are not made with high quality materials, but still have high price tags. How do you tell the difference? Here are some things to think about when shopping for a luxury bed:

How much does it cost?

Luxury mattresses can cost as much as a person is willing to pay. Some of the highest end beds are as much as $125,000 or more. Those beds may be great, but you don’t need to spend that much to get a luxury sleep experience. There are many fantastic beds for far less. There is no need to spend five figures on a bed. Find out what you are paying for by taking a closer look at the materials. Look carefully at the retailer’s claims and see if they hold up. A good mattress is worth paying for, but you will have to work a little to find the best beds. 

What is it made from?

Take a good hard look at what the bed is made from, both inside and out. There are numerous materials bed companies use in their beds. Believe it or not, some of them have been proven toxic. Always know what you are sleeping on. If a mattress makes a claim, see if it is backed up with evidence. 

A reputable mattress company will disclose the information you need. If the company you are considering doesn’t tell you what is in your bed, they may be hiding some undesirable information.

What makes up the core layer?

Typically, mattress cores, or base layers are made from springs, latex or polyurethane foam. These layers are at the bottom and they provide the foundation for the support of the mattress. The support and comfort layers are no good if your core goes out. Dense, high-quality latex and memory foam beds tend to stand the test of time better than beds with innerspring cores, though innersprings are often cheaper. 

What makes up the support and comfort layers?

The upper few inches of a bed are the comfort layers. These layers are responsible for pressure relief and give the mattress much of its feel. Support layers are usually below the comfort layers, reinforcing them. Each bed has different materials in their layers, including memory foam, latex, regular foam, wool, synthetic fibers and more. The way these materials work together gives each bed a unique firmness. 

What type of fire barrier is used?

All furniture must adhere to fire safety standards. In order to meet these standards, companies add materials to improve flame resistance. Some mattresses contain chemicals that are known to be toxic. Having a toxic mattress is not on anyone’s bucket list. There are completely natural, even organic fire barriers like wool. If you are looking for an organic fire barrier, be sure to check for a certification specifically for that component. You may be allergic to something in the bed, too. Check to see what chemicals and materials may be in your bed before spending a night on it. 

What is the cover made from?

Mattresses are covered with a variety of different materials, both natural and synthetic. Some, like the Celliant-infused covers at Amerisleep, have beneficial health effects. Celliant is a thermoreactive material that has been proven to increase circulation and reduce pain. Covers made from natural materials like wool and cotton are often sought after by green-minded shoppers. Check for certifications if you are looking for organic materials. Make sure you like the feel and are comfortable with the materials used in the cover. 

Does it live up to the hype?

Some bed brands spend a lot of money to get the attention of their customers. You can probably think of a few brands without thinking too much. These brands paid a lot of money to occupy that space in your mind and those costs are passed on to the people who buy their mattresses. Advertising is expensive and someone has to pay for it. Don’t let it be you. 

If you’re mattress is famous, check to make sure you are not just paying for clever marketing. Read reviews and find out what is inside the bed.

How does it rate?

Mattress reviews are one of the best resources for uncovering information on beds. Read reviews from independent reviewers and from customers themselves. Often, retail websites have customer reviews of their products. Be careful, though. There may be some reviews created dishonestly. Only third-party-verified customer reviews should be trusted. These are reviews that you can be sure are written by actual customers. 

What certifications does it have?

Product certifications are one of the best ways to determine the quality of a mattress. To see what certifications a bed has, you can check the retailer’s website or ask customer service. There are certifications for a variety of different mattress aspects, such clean air testing, environmental friendliness, durability, and organic materials. Certifications verify certain types of materials or processes were used in the product.

Here are some mattress certifications you should look for if you want a luxury sleep surface.

Control Union Certified Organic  The Control Union is a worldwide network of laboratories and inspection operations. Their organic certification ensures the entire manufacturing process is kept organic from beginning to end and is widely accepted.

eco-Institut Certified Latex – This is a certification from an independent organization which certifies the product is 100% organic and free from volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

GOLS – A division of the Control Union, the Global Organic Latex Standard deals strictly with latex. In order to receive this certification a product’s raw materials, latex processing and packaging have to be fully assessed. Conditions for workers and environmental impacts are evaluated, also.

GOTS – The Global Organic Textile Standard is a leading organic certification for products of all types.

Oeko-Tex Standard 100 – This is an independent testing and certification for products at all stages of production which sets standards for harmful chemical emissions and other VOCs which may not be regulated otherwise.

Oregon Tilth Certification – This organization has led the way in organic agriculture and sustainable production methods for textiles and agricultural products for over 40 years.

Organic Content Standard – This globally recognized certification is for verifying organically grown materials by inspecting the environment they are grown and produced in.

TÜV Rheinland – The leading provider of product testing in the global marketplace. This certification is for durability.

USDA Organic – The United States Department of Agriculture has rigorous standards for organic labels and is one of the most recognizable globally.

Luxury Mattresses Abound

You should have no problem getting a great bed. The best mattress brands aren’t hard to find if you know what you are looking for. Keep reading for more tips. Lavish Rest is dedicated to helping people to a luxurious sleep experience without having to buy the most expensive mattress.

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Best Adjustable Bed Brands for Hi-Tech Homes Tue, 09 Feb 2016 23:34:38 +0000 The best adjustable beds are luxury items beyond compare. More and more people are seeking these posh bedroom centerpieces as they are becoming more widely available. As competition grows for this growing market, manufacturers are adding some incredible features on these highly-sought beds. You won’t find the best adjustable beds without spending a little time […]

The post Best Adjustable Bed Brands for Hi-Tech Homes appeared first on Lavish Rest.

The best adjustable beds are luxury items beyond compare. More and more people are seeking these posh bedroom centerpieces as they are becoming more widely available. As competition grows for this growing market, manufacturers are adding some incredible features on these highly-sought beds.

You won’t find the best adjustable beds without spending a little time learning about the various models and brands available. Our adjustable bed reviews cover the best brands available and offer you a roadmap to success in your search for lavish rest.

The Best Adjustable Bed Bases

Here are the bed frames that stood out above the rest. We considered price, customer reviews, durability, warranties and more when making our judgement. These are the best adjustable beds for the money.

The ErgoStar Evolution from Astrabeds

Best Adjustable Bed Reviews

The ErgoStar Evolution available from

The ErgoStar Evolution is a great way to make sure you never leave your bedroom. We picked this as one of the best adjustable beds available and customers seem to agree. The Evolution receives a 94% owner satisfaction rate from verified customer reviews.

This adjustable frame comes with a backlit wireless remote which allows you to control the dual wave massage and adjust the head and feet angles. With pre programmed buttons, you can put yourself in the zero-gravity position or return the bed to a flat position with one press. An extensive warranty insures you won’t have any trouble getting to sleep for some time.

Designer Series from Amerisleep

Best Adjustable Beds Reviews

The Designer Series available from

Amerisleep is a relatively new company compared to some of these aged behemoths they are competing against. Still, the Designer Series they offer is one of the best adjustable bed frames you can find. It’s made by Leggett & Platt and starts less than $1,500, too. It receives a 98% owner satisfaction rate from verified customers.

The Designer Series has dual massage to release the tension in your body and leg regions. Flat and zero-gravity are preprogrammed positions you can get to with one touch of a button on the wireless remote. A 25-year warranty will help you rest easy on this affordable luxury.

Best Adjustable Bed Reviews

Data from verified customer reviews on retail site.

Amerisleep Designer Series – wireless remote, massage, programmable and preset positions.

Astrabeds ErgoStar Evolution – wireless remote, massage, programmable and preset positions.

Adjustable Bed Reviews

Owner satisfaction for adjustable bed bases actually goes down the more customers spend on average, according to independent bed reviewer It seems more expensive frames are more complex which may result in worse reliability.

Reverie Adjustable Bed Reviews

Data from bed reviewer

Reverie 3E (Essential Plus) – wired remote, one-touch flat.

Reverie 5D (Deluxe) – wireless remote, massage, anti-snore and preset positions.

Reverie 7S, 8Q (Supreme) – wireless, massage, anti-snore and preset positions.

Serta Adjustable Bed Reviews

Data from bed reviewer

Serta Motion Custom – wireless remote, massage and preset positions.

Serta Motion Essentials 2 – wired remote.

Serta Motion Perfect – wireless remote, massage, preset positions and USB outlets.

Serta Motion Signature – wireless remote, massage, programmable, preset positions, AC outlets and USB outlets.

How to Find the Right Adjustable Bed

These items are the pinnacle of luxury in the bedroom. As such, many have some incredible features from massage to wi-fi capacities. So how do you find the right adjustable for you and your specific needs? There are so many options, how does one narrow it down? An abundance of choice is a problem we like to have right? Well there is certainly abundance here. To help winnow the field, consider the following:

How many people will be using the bed?

Will this bed be used mostly by one person or will there be two? To be comfortable, make sure both sleepers have enough room to lay down without bumping into each other. If you’re current mattress isn’t big enough, you should consider getting a bigger bed. You should have enough space to lie on your back with your hands on hips and not touch the other sleeper doing the same. If you don’t have at least that much room, you should get a bigger size. Less disturbance throughout the night will translate to better sleep overall.

What is your budget?

For most of us, the limiting factor for purchases is our budget. If you have incredibly deep pockets you are only limited by your eccentricities and your will, but for the rest of us, we need to consider our funds. Don’t put yourself in too much debt to get a super-lavish adjustable. Spend what you need and not much more. Prices range from around $700 to $5,000 for most beds and will vary from retailer to retailer so shop around. You may be able to save a lot of money with just a little looking.

What features do you need?

Needs are not wants, we’ll get to those next. What do you really need from an adjustable bed? What are your major issues. Do you need both the head and feet to raise? Is massage necessary or is it just a feature you want. There are many impressive features available, but most of us won’t need many of them.

According to, 25% or more of consumers report experiencing at least one health benefit while using their bed. Consumers have found relief from poor circulation, GERD/reflux disease, sleep apnea, arthritis, fibromyalgia, asthma, and insomnia from using an adjustable frame. This is mostly from being able to raise and lower the head and foot angles of the bed and not additional features.

What features do you want?

If you have met all of your needs, but still have room in the budget, start looking at some of the more posh things in life. Built-in speakers, USB outlets, AC outlets, smart phone compatibility and much more are some of the finer things available in the adjustable life. Think about what you will actually use regularly. Don’t go overboard and blow your budget. In the next section we highlight some more common features found on available frames.

Luxury Features of Adjustable Bed Frames

When you are looking for a hi-tech bed for your home, and adjustable bed frame should be at the top of your list. These beds are the height of bedroom luxury, but each offers a unique set of features. Before making a purchase, find the features you want and need within your budget. Here are some features you may find on some of the luxury beds available today.

    • Wireless remote – Adjustable beds are usually controlled with a hand held remote. Higher-end models often have removed the cord from the remote for added convenience. Some remotes are backlit so the controls are visible at night.
    • Massage – Many bed frames have built-in massage features. High-end models may have advanced massage features, such as wave, or rolling massage, in which the massagers move from head to feet as they massage. This is one of the most therapeutic features of adjustable beds and is fairly common.
    • Preset positions – On the remotes of some higher-end adjustable beds you may find one or more preset buttons. By pressing these, you can automatically adjust the bed to positions that are preprogrammed into the bed, such as the zero-gravity position, which mimics the weightlessness of space. One-touch flat will return the bed to a flat position with one press of a button. You may see other presets depending on the model.
    • Programmability – Some adjustables come with one or more buttons which can be programmed with a position of your choosing. It is typically as simple as assuming the position and holding a button to program. You may see them called memory buttons, also.
    • Anti-snore features – This feature allows you to raise a snoring partner’s head until they stop or reduce their snoring. This is done gently so they will not wake during the adjustment. Your snoring partner may like it as much as you do.
    • Tablet/smartphone compatible – As our world becomes more connected, so now have our beds. A few high-end adjustable bed models can be controlled over a wifi network on your tablet or smartphone. Usually the smartphone or tablet app will simply act as another remote with the same features.
    • Outlets – You can’t control your bed on a dead smartphone, so some adjustables have USB or AC outlets built into the frame. These are especially useful for people who use their phones or tablets in bed. 
  • Speakers – A rare, but extravagant feature of some adjustable beds. built-in speakers help to improve a variety of entertainment experiences from video games to soothing sounds or music to help you sleep. 

Things to Keep in Mind When Shopping

The first adjustable beds were made over 200 years ago. They have come a long way since then, but some things never change. When you’re shopping for an adjustable you don’t want to get swindled. Most companies are reputable, but there are always a few bad apples. To keep from getting burned, make sure you keep some things in mind.

  • Check reviews – The beauty of the internet is the amount of information at our fingertips. You can find reviews of the exact models you are considering in a number of places, typically. Make sure you get the model name and number and use your favorite search engine. Customer reviews are a great resource, but keep in mind there may be deceptive reviews out there. Reviews verified via independent third parties are more reliable. There are also dedicated mattress and bed review sites that have very useful information.
  • Contact your insurance providerMedicare and medical insurance companies may cover all or part of your costs in some cases. If you file a claim you will need a physician’s prescription and a paid receipt. Confirm with your provider before making a purchase.
  • Be mindful of the warranties and return policies – Adjustable beds can be pricey, so you don’t want to get stuck with one you don’t like. Check warranties and return policies for the beds you are considering. Read them carefully and understand the details. If you have any questions, the company’s representative should be able to answer them. Consider using another company if they don’t give you the details you need.
  • Consider the mattress – What size mattress are you going to use on the bed frame? Mattress sizes can vary from retailer to retailer. Get exact measurements of length, width and height before committing so you don’t end up having compatibility issues. Some mattresses are not compatible with adjustable frames. They need to be flexible enough to bend between 40 and 70 degrees. Also, mattresses taller than 14 inches may impede the mechanical functions of the bed. If you can, find a mattress that has been tested on an adjustable frame.
  • Get some help – The average weight for one of these frames is 160 pounds. Many will arrive unassembled in boxes. If you are not able to move or build the bed by yourself, call a friend to help. White glove services are also available from many dealers. This is a full delivery service which includes assembly, an excellent option for those with few people to help.
  • Features add up – As devices become more complicated with more parts, they often have more problems. After all, there are more things to break on a bed that is jam-packed with additional features. These features also cost more to begin with, also. Get only the features you need and avoid the cost and hassle of the additional one.

The Best Adjustable Bed for You

Getting an adjustable bed should be an exciting time! You can sit up and read or watch a show easily, with one remote for the television and another for your comfort. Don’t get too caught up in the excitement, though. You will shop better when you take it easy and remain calm. There are plenty of beds for you to choose from, you just need to find the one right for you and your needs.

Which features will you use most? Why are you shopping for an adjustable bed in the first place? These are some questions you should answer before committing to a bed. There are some great options out there with some amazing hi-tech features. It is the perfect time to buy because the best adjustable beds ever made are out there waiting for you.

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How to Find the Best Mattress Type Based On Your Sleep Style Mon, 01 Feb 2016 21:19:48 +0000 Finding the best mattress for side sleepers or any other sleep position is simple if you know what you are looking for. You can actually cause pain from using the wrong type of bed, so finding the right one for your needs is crucial.  The best mattress for side sleepers is not the best mattress for […]

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Best mattress for side sleepers and other styles

Finding the best mattress for side sleepers or any other sleep position is simple if you know what you are looking for. You can actually cause pain from using the wrong type of bed, so finding the right one for your needs is crucial.

 The best mattress for side sleepers is not the best mattress for stomach sleepers. Here we’ll take a look at some luxury beds that are perfect for your sleeping position.

Best Mattress for Side Sleepers

Best mattress for side sleepers

The Liberty Bed from is made from plant-based memory foam and is our pick for best mattress for side sleepers. 

Side sleepers are the largest group by a substantial amount. According to a sleep study, about 41% of people sleep in the fetus position. This position creates pressure points at the hips and shoulders. The best mattress for side sleepers will be plush enough to relieve the pressure, but still firm enough to provide support.

Our Pick for Best Mattress for Side Sleepers

Amerisleep’s plant-based Liberty Bed is our choice as the best mattress for side sleepers. It receives an average of 4.6 stars from over 330 verified customers and is a medium-plush firmness. High quality foams ensure the comfort will last, too. The innovative Celliant-infused fabric has clinically proven health benefits from pain reduction to improved circulation. This is a high-quality bed, especially for the price and our choice for the best mattress for side sleepers. 

Best Mattress for Back Sleepers

best mattress for side sleepers and other sleeping positions

The Harmony from is 100% certifed organic latex, covered in organic wool and organic cotton.

Back sleepers make up about 13% of the population. The best mattress for back sleepers needs to provide adequate support to the lower back without being overly firm. A medium-firm level bed offers the support needed while still providing a comfortable sleep surface. 

The Harmony Bed is a medium-firm bed made from 100% certified organic materials. Inside the bed, layers of organic dunlop latex are covered with an organic wool fire barrier. The cover is made from organic cotton. Both sides are customizable for sleepers who havd different firmness preferences.

Best Mattress for Stomach Sleepers

best mattress for side sleepers and other sleeping styles

The Serenity from is a certified organic latex mattress.

Stomach sleepers are only about 7% of the population. The biggest concern with sleeping on your stomach is sinking in too far causing the spine to bend. Without proper support in the midsection, back pain can be an issue. The best mattress for stomach sleepers is a firm one.

Astrabeds makes organic latex mattresses which have customizable firmness levels. The firm Serenity bed has eight inches of organic dunlop latex with an organic wool fire barrier. Wrapped in organic cotton, this bed is organic through and through. At only eight inches, the Serenity has a thinner profile so you don’t have to worry about sinking in too much.

Best Mattress for Combination Sleepers

Combination sleepers don’t have a single type of sleeping style. Instead, they float from one position to another during the night. To keep a combination sleeper comfortable in a variety of positions, a medium-firm mattress is a good choice. Though a medium firm may not be the best mattress for side sleepers, most will be soft enough for those who sleep on their side occassionally. 

As mentioned earlier, the organic Harmony from Astrabeds is a great luxury mattress with a medium-firm option. Organic sleep surfaces are the pinnacle of luxury, but if you are looking for a memory foam, the Amerisleep Revere Bed is another great mattress for combo sleepers. It is made from plant-based memory foam, which doesn’t have all the harsh VOCs of synthetic beds.

Best Mattress for Couples

Finding the right bed for one person can be difficult, but when you add another person to the mix it gets even harder. What if your partner has entirely different preferences from yours? You want the best mattress for side sleepers and he or she wants something else. Thankfully, someone has thought of this and there are solutions.

If you are wondering what kind of mattress to buy as a couple, Astrabeds and other companies have mattresses that are customizable on both sides. You can have one side firm and the other ultra plush if you need. There is no need for compromise and everyone is left happy.

Best Bed For Back Problems

Pain is a common consideration when trying to figure out what kind of mattress to buy. Sagging or worn mattresses are often sources of daily pain. The best mattress for back problems will be one that suits your sleeping position. If you sleep on your side, the best mattress for side sleepers will help your spinal alignment. The same is true for stomach sleepers and the rest.

Find a mattress that suits your sleeping style and you will be doing your back a service. Pay attention to your spinal alignment as you try different beds. You want a bed that will allow your back to sit in an alignment similar to its natural one.

Finding the Best Mattress Type

If you’re still looking for the best mattress for side sleepers or other sleeping positions, there are plenty of resources you can use. Take a look at our luxury mattress brands review for starters or read this comprehensive best mattress guide by Amerisleep. There you’ll find an in-depth comparison of the top luxury beds on the market in one place.  

You may see retailers advertising some mattresses as better for certain sleeping positions. Don’t take their word for it. Do a little research and see if what they are saying makes sense.

Good luck on your search for the best mattress for side sleepers or whichever sleeping style you tend towards.

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Luxury Mattress Brands in 2016: Compare the Best Beds Wed, 20 Jan 2016 22:06:23 +0000 Luxury mattress brands offer promises of incredible sleep and long-lasting comfort, but as in most industries, not every company stands up to the test of consumer expectations. When spending a good amount of money on a bed, people expect the best. Your bed is where you spend over one-third of each day after all — […]

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Luxury mattress brands offer promises of incredible sleep and long-lasting comfort, but as in most industries, not every company stands up to the test of consumer expectations.

When spending a good amount of money on a bed, people expect the best. Your bed is where you spend over one-third of each day after all — likely more time than your car, sofa or any other place — so it should be comfortable.

Luxury mattress brands aim to target high end buyers and those seeking a better night’s rest.  An investment in a good bed is often seen as investment in good sleep, and since rest affects mood, weight, motivation and overall health, it can definitely be a wise one.

In this guide, we’ll be comparing the best and worst luxury mattresses in one place, so you can get a head start on researching your next bed and finding your ideal match.

An Introduction to High-End Mattresses

So, what sets high-end mattresses apart from the rest of market? One of the key differentiators is, of course, the price tag. The price of a bed can range anywhere from $100 to $20,000 or more, although the average price people pay tends to be around $1000 to $1500.

Luxury and high end mattresses encompass the upper end of the price spectrum, and can be found in all categories including memory foam, latex and innersprings. 

Companies aim to justify their higher-than-average costs by offering prestige, using higher-quality materials, unique designs and manufacturing techniques, and often natural materials. Many of the top luxury mattress brands in 2016 are focusing on natural and organic materials in particular.

You may find better than average customer service as well, in terms of sales amenities, warranty and return policies.

However, it’s important to remember that attractive advertisements or fancy words don’t always justify an inflated price tag. Some of the top lifestyle brands have beds that, on the inside, are actually quite similar to their average-priced counterparts. Consumer Reports’ research has also found that expensive mattresses don’t necessarily translate to better quality.

When shopping for the best mattress money can buy, you want to look deeper and compare what’s inside the mattress, how the company supports their brand, and what real owners think of their purchase.

Luxury Mattress Brands Compared

BrandMattressesPrice RangeWarranty /
Owner Reviews
AstrabedsOrganic Latex
with organic cotton and wool
$1799 - $299925 (10) years
90 days
4.6 / 5 stars
98% recommend
DuxianaInnersprings with cotton and latex tops$4800 - $12,000+20 (5) years
74% satisfaction
E.S. KluftInnersprings with latex, wool, cotton, horsehair, or memory foam$1600 - $30,000+20 (10) years
75% satisfaction
HastensInnersprings with cotton, horsehair, wool$4300 - $50,000+25 years
74% satisfaction
MagniflexMemory foam, gel foams, poly foams, fiber, wool, horsehair$1599 - $40,00010-20 years
Royal PedicInnersprings & Latex with cotton and wool$3000 - $900010 years
14 days
Savvy RestNatural and Organic Latex
with organic cotton and wool
$1799 - $479920 (10) years
4.7 / 5 stars
95% recommend
Stearns & FosterInnersprings & Hybrids with foam, latex, memory foam$1499 - $329910 years
59% satisfaction
Vi SpringInnersprings with wool, horsehair, cotton$3095 - $23,000+Lifetime

*The 2016 mattress review sources above are provided in parentheses. SLTD is abbreviated for 

The Top Rated Mattresses of 2016

As you can see, a majority of companies marketed as luxury mattress brands are innersprings, with a couple memory foam and latex purveyors. Many of these luxury mattress brands focus on using natural and sometimes even organic materials rather than synthetics.

Determining which high end bed brand rates best isn’t always easy however. Most of these companies do not allow owners to leave reviews on their websites, and it can be challenging to find unbiased or legitimate third-party bed ratings since these types of products have a more a limited audience compared to “mass market” brands.

By Reviews

Astrabeds and Savvy Rest allow visitors to leave reviews (with Astrabeds having a third-party verified system). Among these brands, more consumers recommend Astrabeds organic latex mattresses.

A few of the other luxury mattress brands have been assessed by Sleep Like The Dead, a third-party comparison website. They assign average consumer satisfaction scores in the mid-70s to Duxiana, Kluft and Hastens. This rate is well above the average for innersprings in general (63%), but still lower than other categories’ averages — memory foam and latex both tend to earn around 80%. 

By Guarantees

If you’re trying to find the best luxury mattress brand, another important area to consider are guarantees. When spending thousands on a new bed, you probably don’t want to be stuck with a dud. Brands that offer return policies help mitigate your risk.

Unfortunately, many pricey mattresses do not come with official return policies, including Duxiana, Kluft, Hastens, Magniflex, Savvy Rest, and Vi Spring. Some people report that individual retailers may offer brief trial periods for some brands.

Brands that do offer returns include Astrabeds (90 days) and Royal Pedic (14 days).

Warranties are also important for luxury beds since people expect them to outlast the average mattress, (which is around 8-10 years).

Brands offering 10 year warranties include Royal Pedic. Brands offering 20 years include Duxiana, Kluft, Magniflex and Savvy Rest, with varying lengths of full versus prorated coverage. Hastens and Astrabeds both offer longer 25 year warranties, and Vi Spring offers the only lifetime guarantee.

The longer a mattress lasts, the more eco-friendly as well since that means less waste. Some luxury mattress brands also offer owners the unique ability to replace certain components of the bed individually, which can significantly extend its useful life. For example, Astrabeds and Savvy Rest allow for replacing the individual latex layers, Hastens sells the toppers individually, and Duxiana beds have replaceable coil units and tops.

What is the Best Mattress on the Market?

So how do you know which luxury mattress brand is the best one for you? Based on reviews, guarantees, and overall value (quality versus price), here are a few standout luxury mattresses to consider

Best Luxury Innerspring Beds

    • Duxiana DUX 515 Bed ($7595) – 3200+ of continuous springs with removable 2.5 inch latex/cotton top, customizable and replaceable spring units. 20 year warranty. Made in Sweden.
    • VI Spring Coronet Mattress ($4695) – 1600+ pocket coils with coir fiber and layered cotton/wool top. Customizable firmness. Lifetime guarantee. Made in the UK.
  • Royal Pedic Quilt Top Mattress Set ($6420) – 704 open offset coils with cotton and polyester batting, wool, latex and cotton fabric cover. Firm, not customizable. 10 year warranty. Made in the US.

Best Luxury Non-Spring Beds

    • Astrabeds Solace Bed ($2999) – 12 inches of organic latex, 1 inch organic wool, organic cotton cover. Highly customizable, generous return period, 20 year warranty. Certified VOC-free. 100% of owners recommend it in reviews. Made in the US.
    • Magniflex Magnifico Dual 12 ($3699) – 12 inches with memory foam, fiber, and foam, Outlast cover, viscose fire barrier. Medium or soft, returns depend on retailer, 12 year warranty. Oeko certification for emissions. Made in Italy.

Best Options for Couples

The below brands allow you to choose different firmness levels on each side of the bed for at least some models, which may be helpful to know for couples who have differing preferences.

    • Kluft
    • Astrabeds
    • Magniflex
    • Savvy Rest
    • Duxiana
  • Vi Spring

Best Options for Organic Shoppers

When shopping for organic mattresses, be sure to look at each material in the mattress. Some brands will call a mattress organic but only certain components may be certified.

    • Astrabeds (Full Line) – Certified organic latex, organic wool padding, and organic cotton covers with Eco Institut VOC free certification.
    • Savvy Rest (Dunlop Models) – Certified organic latex option (choose Dunlop), organic wool padding, and organic cotton covers with Eco Institut VOC free certification.
  • Royal Pedic (Organic Models) – Organic cotton covers with organic wool or cotton padding over springs or natural latex cores (not organic).

Finding your dream mattress will, in many ways, come down to personal preference. No single mattress will prove ideal for every type of sleeper.

Some people prefer the feel of springs, others prefer latex or memory foam. Side sleepers may want something plush, while back sleepers might want firm. Some have strong inclinations to buy organic, others find this unimportant.

Start your search by looking at what you like and dislike about your current bed, make notes about the variety of beds you test, and compare your pros and cons with your partner’s. Set a budget, and see which companies offer your “must haves”. Looking up reviews can also very helpful, since you can see what people think about the range of luxury mattress brands out there.

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