Black Friday Mattress Sale 2019: A Guide

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Can you believe another year is almost over? Here we are, already talking about Black Friday mattress sales and Cyber Monday mattress deals. Black Friday is one of the best times for customers to grab the best deals on just about everything but it can also be so confusing. Every company has a sale, or deal, or a huge blow-out promotion. Which deal is actually a good value?

Enter in the Lavish Rest team. Below we will share our editors’ mattress sale recommendations. We will also discuss the differences between shopping online vs. in-store, where to find the best mattress information, and the types of mattresses worth trying.

Our Editors’ Recommendation: Amerisleep

Amerisleep best online black friday mattress sale
Amerisleep sells five mattresses. Each mattress is designed for a specific type of sleeper. For example, their AS1 and AS2 models were made to accommodate stomach and back sleepers, while their softer models were designed for combo sleepers and side sleepers. For Black Friday Amerisleep is offering a great deal on their mattresses: $200 off and 2 free pillows.

But it takes more than a sale to make something a good deal. Below we will go over the reasons we chose Amerisleep for our Black Friday mattress sale recommendation.

Amerisleep Receives High Customer Satisfaction

Amerisleep mattresses receive top customer reviews. All mattresses on the Amerisleep website currently have customer satisfaction ratings of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Why such high ratings? It may be because Amerisleep uses advanced technology to support a good night’s sleep. Let’s take a more in-depth look.

  • Amerisleep uses a Celliant® cover in all of its mattresses. Celliant® is an FDA-determined1 material designed to promote more restful sleep.
  • The first layer of each Amerisleep mattress is Bio-Pur®. Bio-Pur® is a plant-based memory foam designed with an advanced open-cell structure, allowing for more responsiveness and breathability. The Bio-Pur® layer conforms to you, relieving pressure points while keeping your body temperature balanced for night-long comfort.
  • Every Amerisleep mattress, minus the AS1 which eliminates it to provide the firmest option available, uses HIVE®, a zoned support layer. HIVE® uses hundreds of six-sided foam cores that expand and contract to your body. The HIVE® layer has been shown to reduce pressure points by 49%2.
  • Amerisleep’s softest mattress, the AS5, uses an extra layer of foam called Active Flex. Active Flex is a latex-like material used to provide a higher level of bounce and support.
  • The last layer of each Amerisleep mattress is the Bio-Core® layer. A core base layer adds support to your hips and shoulders. The Bio-Core® layer helps maintain spine alignment throughout the night.
  • Amerisleep Uses Eco-Friendly Materials

    Amerisleep uses the eco-friendly Variable Pressure Foaming (VPF) manufacturing process, which uses carbon filters to help release virtually zero emissions into the atmosphere.

    We appreciate that Amerisleep has done what it can to implement an eco-friendly manufacturing process without sacrificing quality.

    Don’t Forget That Amerisleep is an Online Brand!

    Remember our earlier point about the benefits of shopping for online brands? That includes Amerisleep! You don’t have to worry about paying high markups to cover to the overhead and other fees retailers pass onto customers. Amerisleep’s online model means prices are already great. And with $200 off plus 2 free pillows for Black Friday, they’re even better.

    Unlike retailers that act as a middleman between brands and you, Amerisleep ships directly to your home. If you decide their mattress isn’t for you, Amerisleep will donate or recycle your mattress.

    Because Amerisleep is an online brand, they offer a competitive 100-Night Sleep Trial and a 20-year warranty.

    In short, Amerisleep makes quality, eco-friendly beds and uses a customer-friendly model. The Black Friday discount just makes them all the more affordable.

    Our Editors’ Innerspring Choice: Stearns & Foster Estate Palace Luxury Firm

    For innerspring customers, our recommended Black Friday deal is the Stearns & Foster Estate Palace Luxury Firm. This medium-firm mattress receives above average customer reviews. According to Sleep Like The Dead, innerspring mattress prices can go anywhere from $200 to $3,000. This Stearns & Foster pick falls in-between and can cost as little as $1,500 when on sale.

    For Black Friday 2019, Macy’s Black Friday has the Stearns & Foster Estate Palace Luxury Firm mattress is for $1,499. Claim yours online or at any Macy’s store.

    There you have it, our recommendations for the best Black Friday Mattress sales of 2019.

    But we’re not done yet. We still have more information to cover! Let’s go over what type of mattress will work best for you, and then we will have a complete list of Black Friday mattress sales.

    Find the Best Black Friday Mattress Sale

    cyber monday mattress deals

    Tip 1: Go for online brands

    Online mattress shopping may seem counterintuitive at first. You may be thinking: Isn’t trying a mattress in person essential to buying one?

    Luckily, this isn’t exactly true, but we don’t want to get ahead of ourselves. The main reasons we encourage online brand shopping are simple: they offer affordable prices, superior quality, and lengthy sleep trials.

    In-Store Brands Charge High Markups

    New mattress buyers may be skeptical of buying mattresses from online brands. They often have less name recognition, not to mention the inability to ask a salesperson questions.

    Also, let’s not forget the “incredible” deals retailers offer. Consider, for example, a retailer like Macy’s offering $500 off a $2,500 mattress this Black Friday. That’s a 20% discount!

    But let’s take a step back. Why is the retailer charging $2,500? The answer is simple: markups.

    It all comes down to their business model, which includes accounting for overhead and profit. Most retailers are middlemen between the manufacturer and consumer. If retailers charged customers only what they paid, they’d lose money.

    Retailers have commissions to pay out and bills to keep up on (e.g., electricity, water), costs referred to as overhead. Of course, retailers also need to make a profit. If they only charged the cost of the mattress and overhead, they’d merely break even.

    Online companies want to make money, too. However, they naturally have less overhead and do not have to worry about paying out commissions to salespeople.

    But yes, Black Friday is unique. Retailers will sometimes go all-out on promoting mattresses at incredibly low prices. These “$199 Black Friday deals” seem almost too good to pass up. That’s because they are.

    Retailers put their “promotional” mattresses on the front page of the ad to get people into the store. Promotional mattresses tend to be low-quality and aren’t really what customers are looking for. Once they’re in the store, salespeople can pivot customers into buying a more expensive product.

    Tip 2: Be Ready to Quiz the Salesperson

    If you walk into a showroom or store, it won’t take long before a friendly salesperson approaches to ask about your mattress needs. After all, they want to help you find the perfect mattress, right?

    Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. It is true that salespeople are there to make sales. It doesn’t necessarily follow that they know the most about the product or how the product will work for you. They could overstate the quality of a mattress that’s rated average or below average by third-party review sites. They may give answers to your questions without really knowing the answer.

    This is unfair to customers for a couple of reasons. First, you really can’t judge a mattress just by laying on it for a few minutes in a showroom. Second, there’s a knowledge gap between the salesperson—the mattress experts—and you.

    We can’t change the ways of today’s mattress salespeople. However, we can help you close the knowledge gap so you can shop this Black Friday with confidence.

    Tip 3: Start Your Black Friday Mattress Sale Search Early

    When researching Black Friday deals, keep the following questions in mind:

    • What are the terms of the sale, such as start/end dates and location restrictions on in-store deals?
    • What are return policies like, such as minimum nights of use and return fees?
    • What are the terms of the mattress warranty, such as the number of years and the conditions required to trigger the guarantee?
    • Does the Black Friday price include delivery?

    Don’t Forget the Cyber Monday Mattress Sale

    Of course, you’re likely doing more than mattress shopping this Black Friday. So, don’t forget that Black Friday deals can last all Thanksgiving weekend. We also have Cyber Monday dedicated to passing on deals to customers.

    So, when doing your Black Friday mattress research, don’t forget to check out Cyber Monday deals, too. If you find a deal that’s lasting through Monday or later make a note. This can free up your time to focus on more urgent sales.

    Memory Foam vs. Innerspring and Hybrid Mattresses. Which is Better?

    First, let’s cover an important point. Innerspring mattresses, first introduced in the 1950s, remain a popular choice among American consumers.

    However, innerspring mattresses have many drawbacks, including:

    Shorter Lifespans

    Innerspring mattresses have a considerably lower lifespan compared to memory foam mattresses. According to Sleep Like The Dead, about 25% of innerspring mattress owners report significant sagging—to the extent that it affects comfort and support—within three years. Memory foam mattresses, on the other hand, have an average lifespan of seven years. Hybrid mattresses have a similar lifespan to innerspring mattresses, which makes sense as their core layer is usually made of innerspring coils.

    Lack of proper hip and waist support

    As discussed, innerspring mattresses are prone to “sagging”. Sagging leads to poor waist support and can put stress on the spine and shoulders.

    You may be thinking: What if I switch to a firm innerspring mattress? Wouldn’t they be more resistant to sagging? Unfortunately, that’s a common misconception. First, if a mattress is too firm it will lead to pressure points being agitated. Second, the firmness of the mattress is not indicative of its quality. A poorly made firm mattress will break down as quickly as a poorly made soft mattress.

    The Result? Low Owner Satisfaction

    Due to short lifespans and support issues, owner satisfaction rates for innerspring mattresses are lower than those for memory foam and hybrid mattresses. According to Sleep Like The Dead, innerspring mattresses have an average 64% owner satisfaction rating. On the other hand, memory foam mattresses have an average 80% satisfaction rating while hybrid mattresses have an average of 73%.

    Innerspring Mattresses: Why Are They Still Popular?

    You might be thinking: If innerspring mattresses have so many issues, why do people still use them? Innerspring mattresses do have a few advantages, including:

    • Affordability: The average queen innerspring mattress costs $950 while the average memory foam mattress costs $1,350.
    • Familiarity: Since innerspring mattresses have been around for over half a century, they’re one of the most familiar mattress types.

    Mattress Qualities to Consider

    To find a quality memory foam mattress, please consider:

    • Cover Material: Different cover materials have different impacts on sleeping temperature and comfort. Some companies provide a basic cotton-polyester blend cover. Other companies are more innovative with their cover material.
    • Layer Material and Thickness: Different layer materials provide different levels of back, hips, and shoulder support. Layer thickness is also critical. A high-quality material at a very thin level of thickness may not be as beneficial as promised.
    • Memory Foam Type: Different memory foams vary in breathability and response time (how long it takes for a mattress to adjust to pressure changes).

    For innerspring mattresses, please consider:

    • Coil Count: Higher coil counts can provide better body support and increase the mattress lifespan.
    • Coil Type: Coil type can affect mattress durability, support, and longevity.
    • Foam Layer Thickness: Foam thickness also plays a role in adding body support.
    • Padding Type: Padding adds another layer of mattress comfort and support.
    • Ticking Fabric: The outer fabric that encloses and maintains the mattress. Ticking also adds to mattress durability and overall feel.

    For mattresses of all kinds, please consider:

    • Foam Density: High-density foams, compared to low-density foams, tend to have higher durability.
    • Fire protection method: The United States has federal flammability standards which all mattresses sold in the country are required to adhere.
    • Warranty-required Sagging/Impression Depth: Some mattress warranties only kick-in after the mattress has achieved a certain sagging depth. At Lavish Rest, we are fond of mattress companies who warranty their products if they develop a sag of 3/4″ or more.

    Hear What Others Have to Say About Mattresses

    As you familiarize yourself with mattress characteristics and brands, you’ll likely see the same mattresses (or brands, at least) come up. What about these brands is being said on review sites and by customers?

    In other words, you need to understand the product’s reputation.

    Yes, knowing characteristics like memory foam type and warranty information can help you understand mattress quality. However, getting a pulse on mattress reputation can help you understand what owning the mattress will be like.

    How can you learn about a mattress’s reputation?

    Read and Watch Online Reviews

    We’ve all read online customer reviews. Some are quite helpful by going in-depth into the product’s pros and cons. Other reviews, less so, and may only consist of a single line saying, “I hate this product!”

    Of course, some reviews are more helpful than others. Always look for a “verified customer” icon or distinction. Some companies will go out of their way and pay for positive reviews. While not all unverified reviews are fake, you should take them with a grain of salt.

    As you read customer reviews, try to find similar talking points. If customers aren’t happy, is it because of a particular quality, such as mattress firmness? If customers are satisfied, is it because of a noticeable improvement in sleep quality?

    Customer reviews aren’t the only place to learn about mattress reputation. Consumer education sites such as Sleep Like The Dead specialize in helping shoppers understand mattresses through in-depth reviews, guides, and blog posts. Also, look up video reviews. Watch experts review the pros and cons of different mattresses.

    The Complete Mattress Sale List

    best black friday mattress sale

    Now that we’ve covered some essentials Black Friday shopping tips, it’s time to reveal our complete list of 2019 Black Friday mattress deals. We’ve broken out this list into three sections:

    • Online mattress sales.
    • Warehouse and club store mattress sales.
    • Major retailer and showroom sales.

    Disclaimer: The Black Friday deals above and below might change as companies change their deals closer to November 23rd. The Lavish Rest team will try to update this guide accordingly. However, we ask you to conduct additional research before making your Black Friday mattress decisions.

    Now that we think of it, you can use the Black Friday shopping tips we shared in the first half of this guide!

    Online Black Friday Bed Sales

    As if we haven’t said it enough, online mattress brands often have great deals on mattresses you may not find in stores. This year’s deals include:


    Of course, we have to mention Amerisleep again! This year’s Black Friday deal includes $200 off any mattress purchase and two free pillows when you use the code BF200 upon checkout. Additional Black Friday deals include [up to $900 savings on adjustable beds and mattress sets. Saving depend on model and size].


    Serta sells affordable mattress of all types (e.g., innerspring, hybrid, and memory foam). Serta receives consistently high customer reviews, particularly on its iComfort mattress line. The Black Friday deal is [up to $500 in savings on adjustable beds and mattress sets. Free boxspring with an iComfort mattress purchase]


    Tempur-Pedic sells memory foam and hybrid mattresses at mid to high-end prices (their prices start around $1,600). Additional products include ergonomic bed bases, bedding, and pillows. The Black Friday deal is [unknown, will update as available]

    Warehouse and Club Store Mattress Sales


    Tends to offer several-hundred-dollar discounts on mattress brands like Contour Rest, Sealy, and Therapedic. The Black Friday deal is [unknown, will update as available]


    Offers a mix of online and in-store mattress deals on brands including Blackstone. Please note that some deals are online only, so make sure to check deals before stopping at your nearest location. The Black Friday deal is [unknown, will update as available]

    Sam’s Club

    Offers discounts on memory foam, innerspring, hybrid mattresses by name brands like Beautyrest and Serta. The Black Friday deal is [unknown, will update as available]

    Major Retailer and Showrooms Sales


    Macy’s brick-and-mortar stores and carry quality mattress models from brands including Beautyrest, Serta, Sealy, and Stearns & Foster. Offerings span the entire price range, from promotional mattresses starting at $500 or lower to over $1,500. The Black Friday deal is [unknown, will update as available]


    Another mattress retailer mainstay, Sears and carry brand-name mattresses including those by Beautyrest, Serta, Sealy, and Tempur-Pedic. Similar to Macy’s, Sears’ mattress selection includes everything from promotional and discount mattresses to high-end selection in the $2,000-plus range. The Black Friday deal is [unknown, will update as available]


    JCPenney’s mattress selection includes name brands like Beautyrest, Purasleep, Serta, Sealy, and Tempur-Pedic. The Black Friday deal is [unknown, will update as available]

    Mattress Firm and Sleepy’s

    Both showrooms carry name brands including Beautyrest, Dream Bed, Hampton & Rhodes, and Serta. The Black Friday deal is [unknown, will update as available]


    Retail giant Walmart tends to have Black Friday deals on discount and promotional mattress brands like Mainstays. The Black Friday deal is [unknown, will update as available].

    Go Find the Best Mattress Sale You Can!

    There you have it, a complete list to the best Black Friday mattress sales of 2019. We’ve covered a lot, from tips for finding the best deals to an overview of every Black Friday mattress deal around.

    We hope we’ve equipped you with the knowledge you need to make the most out of Black Friday 2019. Now, it’s time for you to go out and get the best mattress, at the best price, for you. If you’d like to do more research, read up on our guide on how to find the best mattress for more tips! Good luck!

    With proper research and knowledge, you can confidently answer these questions and claim a new mattress to take you into the New Year and beyond.

    1 The FDA has determined that Celliant® products are medical devices as defined in section 201(h) of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act and are general wellness products. Celliant® is determined by the FDA to temporarily promote increased local blood flow at the site of application in healthy individuals. Hologenix, LLC, the maker of Celliant®, states that Celliant® safely converts body heat to infrared energy. This energy penetrates into the muscle and tissue to promote a temporary increase in local blood flow and helps increase comfort and promotes restful sleep.

    2 Milne, C. T. APRN, MSN, BC, CWOCN; Saucier, D. APRN, MSN, FNP-BC, CWCN; and Motta, G., BSN, MPH, ET. Evaluation of a Variable Pressure Foaming (VPF) Mattress with Surface Modification Technology (SMT) for Prevention and Treatment of Pressure Ulcers in General Medical-Surgical$200 off any Patients. 43th Annual Conference of the Wound, Ostomy and Continence, June, 2011



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