Best Adjustable Bed Brands for Hi-Tech Homes

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The best adjustable beds are luxury items beyond compare. More and more people are seeking these posh bedroom centerpieces as they are becoming more widely available. As competition grows for this growing market, manufacturers are adding some incredible features on these highly-sought beds.

You won’t find the best adjustable beds without spending a little time learning about the various models and brands available. Our adjustable bed reviews cover the best brands available and offer you a roadmap to success in your search for lavish rest.

The Best Adjustable Bed Bases

Here are the bed frames that stood out above the rest. We considered price, customer reviews, durability, warranties and more when making our judgement. These are the best adjustable beds for the money.

The ErgoStar Evolution from Astrabeds

Best Adjustable Bed Reviews

The ErgoStar Evolution available from

The ErgoStar Evolution is a great way to make sure you never leave your bedroom. We picked this as one of the best adjustable beds available and customers seem to agree. The Evolution receives a 94% owner satisfaction rate from verified customer reviews.

This adjustable frame comes with a backlit wireless remote which allows you to control the dual wave massage and adjust the head and feet angles. With pre programmed buttons, you can put yourself in the zero-gravity position or return the bed to a flat position with one press. An extensive warranty insures you won’t have any trouble getting to sleep for some time.

Designer Series from Amerisleep

Best Adjustable Beds Reviews

The Designer Series available from

Amerisleep is a relatively new company compared to some of these aged behemoths they are competing against. Still, the Designer Series they offer is one of the best adjustable bed frames you can find. It’s made by Leggett & Platt and starts less than $1,500, too. It receives a 98% owner satisfaction rate from verified customers.

The Designer Series has dual massage to release the tension in your body and leg regions. Flat and zero-gravity are preprogrammed positions you can get to with one touch of a button on the wireless remote. A 25-year warranty will help you rest easy on this affordable luxury.

Best Adjustable Bed Reviews

Data from verified customer reviews on retail site.

Amerisleep Designer Series – wireless remote, massage, programmable and preset positions.

Astrabeds ErgoStar Evolution – wireless remote, massage, programmable and preset positions.

Adjustable Bed Reviews

Owner satisfaction for adjustable bed bases actually goes down the more customers spend on average, according to independent bed reviewer It seems more expensive frames are more complex which may result in worse reliability.

Reverie Adjustable Bed Reviews

Data from bed reviewer

Reverie 3E (Essential Plus) – wired remote, one-touch flat.

Reverie 5D (Deluxe) – wireless remote, massage, anti-snore and preset positions.

Reverie 7S, 8Q (Supreme) – wireless, massage, anti-snore and preset positions.

Serta Adjustable Bed Reviews

Data from bed reviewer

Serta Motion Custom – wireless remote, massage and preset positions.

Serta Motion Essentials 2 – wired remote.

Serta Motion Perfect – wireless remote, massage, preset positions and USB outlets.

Serta Motion Signature – wireless remote, massage, programmable, preset positions, AC outlets and USB outlets.

How to Find the Right Adjustable Bed

These items are the pinnacle of luxury in the bedroom. As such, many have some incredible features from massage to wi-fi capacities. So how do you find the right adjustable for you and your specific needs? There are so many options, how does one narrow it down? An abundance of choice is a problem we like to have right? Well there is certainly abundance here. To help winnow the field, consider the following:

How many people will be using the bed?

Will this bed be used mostly by one person or will there be two? To be comfortable, make sure both sleepers have enough room to lay down without bumping into each other. If you’re current mattress isn’t big enough, you should consider getting a bigger bed. You should have enough space to lie on your back with your hands on hips and not touch the other sleeper doing the same. If you don’t have at least that much room, you should get a bigger size. Less disturbance throughout the night will translate to better sleep overall.

What is your budget?

For most of us, the limiting factor for purchases is our budget. If you have incredibly deep pockets you are only limited by your eccentricities and your will, but for the rest of us, we need to consider our funds. Don’t put yourself in too much debt to get a super-lavish adjustable. Spend what you need and not much more. Prices range from around $700 to $5,000 for most beds and will vary from retailer to retailer so shop around. You may be able to save a lot of money with just a little looking.

What features do you need?

Needs are not wants, we’ll get to those next. What do you really need from an adjustable bed? What are your major issues. Do you need both the head and feet to raise? Is massage necessary or is it just a feature you want. There are many impressive features available, but most of us won’t need many of them.

According to, 25% or more of consumers report experiencing at least one health benefit while using their bed. Consumers have found relief from poor circulation, GERD/reflux disease, sleep apnea, arthritis, fibromyalgia, asthma, and insomnia from using an adjustable frame. This is mostly from being able to raise and lower the head and foot angles of the bed and not additional features.

What features do you want?

If you have met all of your needs, but still have room in the budget, start looking at some of the more posh things in life. Built-in speakers, USB outlets, AC outlets, smart phone compatibility and much more are some of the finer things available in the adjustable life. Think about what you will actually use regularly. Don’t go overboard and blow your budget. In the next section we highlight some more common features found on available frames.

Luxury Features of Adjustable Bed Frames

When you are looking for a hi-tech bed for your home, and adjustable bed frame should be at the top of your list. These beds are the height of bedroom luxury, but each offers a unique set of features. Before making a purchase, find the features you want and need within your budget. Here are some features you may find on some of the luxury beds available today.

    • Wireless remote – Adjustable beds are usually controlled with a hand held remote. Higher-end models often have removed the cord from the remote for added convenience. Some remotes are backlit so the controls are visible at night.
    • Massage – Many bed frames have built-in massage features. High-end models may have advanced massage features, such as wave, or rolling massage, in which the massagers move from head to feet as they massage. This is one of the most therapeutic features of adjustable beds and is fairly common.
    • Preset positions – On the remotes of some higher-end adjustable beds you may find one or more preset buttons. By pressing these, you can automatically adjust the bed to positions that are preprogrammed into the bed, such as the zero-gravity position, which mimics the weightlessness of space. One-touch flat will return the bed to a flat position with one press of a button. You may see other presets depending on the model.
    • Programmability – Some adjustables come with one or more buttons which can be programmed with a position of your choosing. It is typically as simple as assuming the position and holding a button to program. You may see them called memory buttons, also.
    • Anti-snore features – This feature allows you to raise a snoring partner’s head until they stop or reduce their snoring. This is done gently so they will not wake during the adjustment. Your snoring partner may like it as much as you do.
    • Tablet/smartphone compatible – As our world becomes more connected, so now have our beds. A few high-end adjustable bed models can be controlled over a wifi network on your tablet or smartphone. Usually the smartphone or tablet app will simply act as another remote with the same features.
    • Outlets – You can’t control your bed on a dead smartphone, so some adjustables have USB or AC outlets built into the frame. These are especially useful for people who use their phones or tablets in bed. 
  • Speakers – A rare, but extravagant feature of some adjustable beds. built-in speakers help to improve a variety of entertainment experiences from video games to soothing sounds or music to help you sleep. 

Things to Keep in Mind When Shopping

The first adjustable beds were made over 200 years ago. They have come a long way since then, but some things never change. When you’re shopping for an adjustable you don’t want to get swindled. Most companies are reputable, but there are always a few bad apples. To keep from getting burned, make sure you keep some things in mind.

  • Check reviews – The beauty of the internet is the amount of information at our fingertips. You can find reviews of the exact models you are considering in a number of places, typically. Make sure you get the model name and number and use your favorite search engine. Customer reviews are a great resource, but keep in mind there may be deceptive reviews out there. Reviews verified via independent third parties are more reliable. There are also dedicated mattress and bed review sites that have very useful information.
  • Contact your insurance providerMedicare and medical insurance companies may cover all or part of your costs in some cases. If you file a claim you will need a physician’s prescription and a paid receipt. Confirm with your provider before making a purchase.
  • Be mindful of the warranties and return policies – Adjustable beds can be pricey, so you don’t want to get stuck with one you don’t like. Check warranties and return policies for the beds you are considering. Read them carefully and understand the details. If you have any questions, the company’s representative should be able to answer them. Consider using another company if they don’t give you the details you need.
  • Consider the mattress – What size mattress are you going to use on the bed frame? Mattress sizes can vary from retailer to retailer. Get exact measurements of length, width and height before committing so you don’t end up having compatibility issues. Some mattresses are not compatible with adjustable frames. They need to be flexible enough to bend between 40 and 70 degrees. Also, mattresses taller than 14 inches may impede the mechanical functions of the bed. If you can, find a mattress that has been tested on an adjustable frame.
  • Get some help – The average weight for one of these frames is 160 pounds. Many will arrive unassembled in boxes. If you are not able to move or build the bed by yourself, call a friend to help. White glove services are also available from many dealers. This is a full delivery service which includes assembly, an excellent option for those with few people to help.
  • Features add up – As devices become more complicated with more parts, they often have more problems. After all, there are more things to break on a bed that is jam-packed with additional features. These features also cost more to begin with, also. Get only the features you need and avoid the cost and hassle of the additional one.

The Best Adjustable Bed for You

Getting an adjustable bed should be an exciting time! You can sit up and read or watch a show easily, with one remote for the television and another for your comfort. Don’t get too caught up in the excitement, though. You will shop better when you take it easy and remain calm. There are plenty of beds for you to choose from, you just need to find the one right for you and your needs.

Which features will you use most? Why are you shopping for an adjustable bed in the first place? These are some questions you should answer before committing to a bed. There are some great options out there with some amazing hi-tech features. It is the perfect time to buy because the best adjustable beds ever made are out there waiting for you.


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